2019 Aria Parc Quad Copter Review Specs

The Aria is another impressive Drone manufacturer that provides superb drones and high performing quad copters to those who want them for various purposes. This year, it has manufactured the new 2019 Aria Parc Quad Copter to perform a variety of functions. The overall review of the original  Aria Parc Quad Copter with its pictures and specifications are given below.

2019 Aria Parc Quad Copter – Features

The new Aria Parc Quad Copter is an impressive drone that features Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communication platform, also known as PARC. It is one of the best quadcopter technology that opens the market of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to commercial customers. The latest PARC ensures the provision of a stable and secure autonomous flight to achieve the business target rather than controlling UAV.

2019 Aria Parc Quad Copter

The latest Aria’s microfilament tethered system gives secure communication, and it ensures continuous flight. This system can last for many days instead of standard minutes of most battery-powered UAVs. It is incredibly durable and capable enough to keep PARC anchored to one located, plus it also eliminates the risks of drifting and flying away.


The new 2019 Aria Parc Drone is exceptionally durable, quick to assemble, outstandingly rugged and resistant to wind. This quadcopter is can fly in adverse weather conditions and high winds. The PARC can reach at an operational altitude of 400 feet.

Unique Key Features of PARC

  • Persistent flight
  • Fully autonomous
  • Portable & rapidly deployable
  • Operates in high winds
  • Maximum altitude 400 ft.
  • All-weather capable to US military standards


The new 2019 Aria Parc Quad Copter can support the wide variety of payloads. It can even hold two at once. It can fly by holding its camera and communication equipment to environmental sensors. The PARC can easily carry the payloads up to 6 pounds total weight to 400 pounds.

Camera Payloads

  • 360 Omnicam
  • Long-Range Zoom EO
  • Long-Range Zoom EO/IR
  • EO Zoom Camera

Radio/Communications Payloads

  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • 4G LTE Access Points
  • Point-To-Point Radio Repeaters

Specialty Payloads

  • RADAR for drone detect
  • Chemical Sensors
  • Collection Devices


This article provides some of the information on the new Aria Parc Quad Copter, and it is covered under coptercatalog.com. This drone is capable enough to give the best performance under all conditions. Its the plus point is that it features the latest technology and best performing system that makes it one of the best drone available in the market.